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Natural Gemstone Agate Pendants

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Agate Semi-Precious Pendants

Agate is an extremely beautiful semi-precious stone that comes from the chalcedony and quartz family. The fine stone is formed by dripping cave water, rich in silica, which accumulates in small crevices of volcanic rocks.

Its resistance to processing makes it a desirable stone for jewelry production.

What types of agate pendants do we offer you

In this category you will find pendants in the shape of a leaf, coin, heart, assorted shapes, as well as natural agate Crazy Agate, cracked agate, agate with attractive fittings and Agate, ready to be attached to chains.

You can combine it with our jewelry accessories or stone beads.


What are the positive mystical Properties of jewelry and amulets with agate?

The properties of this captivating crystal are very extensive. It is believed that it has the ability to eliminate insecurity, to help a person get rid of feelings of envy and jealousy. This is because of the properties of agate to absorb all the energies that do not work in our favor.

If you need a new beginning and peace and happiness in your life, the beautiful crystal will help you release the accumulated anger and To rediscover the prospects of the positive that surrounds you.

Healers use it to relieve pain caused by various fractures, as well as for arthritis.

Agate brings courage and prosperity. Suitable for strengthening the feelings towards the partner, as well as for strengthening the love between parent and child.

It is a suitable gift for the representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini, but its different varieties are associated with the whole zodiac palette.



The typical color of agate is blue-gray, but due to its structure, it can be found in many different species. The wide variety of colors makes it a favorite stone in the jewelry industry. It can also be found as moss, striped, white, blue, orpheus agate and many other bizarre colors. Each of them has its own meaning and healing power.


Why choose agate pendants from EM ART?

In our stores you can find a wide range of varieties of agate. You like red, blue, green, white or striped, a combination of complementary beads or rough pieces - the choice is entirely yours. The prices at which you can find it with us are between one and twenty levs, depending on the size and packaging of the product.



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