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Loom Rubber Bands

An interesting hobby for small and large are loom rubber bands with them you can knit bracelets, belts, key chains, necklaces, earrings, rings and even clothes. With us you will find over 50 items, mainly sets of erasers in different colors and accessories that facilitate the creative process.

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S-Clips for Loom Rubbers, Mixed, ~5 g, ~90 pcs
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S-clips for knitting 5 gramm 80 pieces
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Loom Rubber Bands 18 mm white-red -10 grams ± 123 pieces
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What are knitting elastics?


Knitting elastics are made of silicone. They are small, but extremely elastic and strong. They are made in different colors to be even more attractive. This way you can create any unique designs with them.


What are they used for?


The first thing that may come to mind is to make a lot of small braids or ponytails on your child's hair , but the truth is that silicone rubber bands are used to make a variety of accessories.

With them you can knit bracelets, belts, keychains, necklaces, earrings, rings. Elastic knitting is a favorite hobby of young and old. It has become a mania all over the world.

making elastic martenitsas has also become very common. For this purpose, silicone rubber bands in white and red are used. They are used to knit bracelets with different knits , as well as March dolls or other interesting figurines and accessories for the holiday.

Everyone would love to receive a handmade martenitsa. So, if you have ideas and haven't tried it yet, you can knit a martenitsa from silicone elastics.

People of all ages are happy when they get something knitted from elastics, because the accessories Made from them are always in bright colors, bringing mood. If you want to make someone happy with an original gift made by you, then any bracelet or keychain made of rubber bands would be the perfect solution. When making ornaments from elastics, you can use other jewelry items such as beads, pendants.

Knitting with these little ones, < Strong> intriguing rings , has become fashionable all over the world. This is a new contemporary art that young and old alike are interested in.


More interesting applications of knitting elastics


Elastics can be made into whole bags and travel bags . They can also be used to make interesting accessories for bags and purses with different shapes - animals, flowers, angels, different braided pendants in different colors and sizes. With such an accessory, you will definitely stand out and stand out from the crowd.

That's not all. Knitting is not limited to making jewelry and accessories, it even extends to the world of fashion . Avid fans of silicone rings make dresses, bags, swimsuits and sandals. The resulting models of clothes and bags are quite extravagant.

Many people really wear swimsuits and Other clothes from the colored silicone circles.

With knitting elastics, you can also make interesting cup covers. This will make using the cups even more fun, interesting and comfortable.


Knitting elastics as a gift for children


Knitting elastics are an ideal gift for children. With them, they will develop their imagination, creativity, dexterity, perseverance, teamwork and ability to combine colors . In addition to individually, elastic knitting can be done in a group , which will develop the collective attitude of your children.

It has been proven that any activity involving hands and creative thinking, Acts calming and relaxing. So knitting with rubber bands is definitely a perfect way to calm your spirit and free your mind from any stressful thoughts while making something beautiful.


How Is knitted with silicone elastics?


The principle of working with elastics is the same as when knitting. It is good that the elastics are a little thicker and much stronger than those used for hair. They are strung in a specific sequence using a special loom or slingshot . People who do not have any of these accessories can use a simple fork, pencils and clothespins.

Create elastic ornaments , requires no special skills. You just need patience, imagination and dexterity.

For those of you who want to knit with elastics but don't know how This is exactly what happens, there are many articles and videos in the online space, from which you can see how it is done quickly, and you can easily become an expert in making accessories from rubber bands >. For the most avid, there are even whole books of instructions and ideas for knitting with silicone elastics.

Creating accessories with knitting elastics is a vast art. There are no ideas that can come to your mind