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Decorative Hats

A wide variety of decorative hats to decorate different types of objects, to decorate and decorate projects or holiday decorations.

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Knitted hat, Element for decoration  35x30 mm color white - 5 pieces
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Decorative Knitted Mini Hat, for DIY Crafts and Decoration, 35x30 mm, color red - 5 pieces
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SKU: 506413 Weight 11 gr Piece: 5
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Textile hat, Element for decoration  with pompon and button 40x25 mm color pink - 2 pieces
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Felt and styrofoam hat for decoration  48x15 mm color graphite -2 pieces

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DIY Snowman

Immerse yourself in the world of Christmas holidays with us from EMART. We give you a different idea for Christmas decoration. Here’s how with a few materials and a lot of imagination you can make these original snowmen. Let’s create together!!

Decorative Mini Hats for Decoration and DIY Crafts

Decorative hats come in various small sizes and are shaped like different types of hats.

They are made from a variety of materials – wool, plastic, textile, styrofoam, and felt.

These miniature decorative hats are used for decorating cards, invitations, boxes, making interior, festive, and stage decorations, or even hair accessories.

They are available in a wide range of shapes and designs, as well as in interesting and fun colors and shades.


Types of Tiny Decorative Hats

At EM ART online store, we offer a large variety of decorative hats.

You will find:


Little Crochet Knitted Hats for Decoration

Available in sizes – 35x30 mm and 40x25 mm. They are made from soft wool in various colors. You can choose between knitted hats with or without a pom-pom.

These are primarily used for making winter and Christmas decorations.

They can be used to make dolls, Christmas elves, and other interesting decorative items.


Felt and Styrofoam Hats

Thanks to the materials they are made from, these types of decorative hats are extremely light and convenient for decorating various creative projects.

The sizes available for purchase are 48x15 mm. You will find them in a variety of shades and vibrant color combinations.

They can be used to create delicate spring decorations, for weddings, birthdays, and other elegant events.


Textile Hats for Decoration

This type of hat is made from high-quality textile fabrics. They are light, soft, and convenient for making decorations for any occasion. Available in sizes – 40x9; 32x8, and 28x7 mm.

The color variety is vastfrom solid colors in blue, yellow, green, red, black to multicolored in polka dots, plaid, floral, etc. Textile hats are the perfect option for decorating various art projects. With them, you can create interesting figures, cards, invitations, and make exciting decor for festive events.


Applications of the Decotative Mini Hats

The applications of decorative hats are:


Doll Making

Tiny decorative hats are often used in making all kinds of dolls. With them, you can create interesting, both fun and sophisticated dolls.

You will need materials to make the torso – fabric, stuffing (cotton or foam), arms, legs, fabrics for sewing the doll’s clothes.

You will also need materials to make the hair. These can be strings, ribbons, various types of threads, yarn, or synthetic fibers.

The face can be made from polyester or plastic materials or fabrics. Think about what you can use to make the shoes.

After collecting the necessary parts needed to make your doll, you can start. Once you shape each part of the body, you need to connect them to each other.

Depending on the type of doll, you can sew the parts together or glue them with hot silicone if the doll is not made of fabric.

Additionally, you can decorate them with ribbons, laces, nets, and other decorative items. Hot silicone can also be used for making dolls from plastic, metal, wood, etc.

On the finished doll, you can attach a decorative hat in the color and size of your choice. You can use hats made of felt, textile, styrofoam, or knitted.


Decorating Gift and Jewelry Boxes

The tiny hats can be used for decorating all kinds of boxes. They are used to embellish boxes for jewelry and gifts. Choose a decorative mini hat of your choice from the different types – textile, styrofoam, crochet knitted, or textile hats.

You can use any of the types in a color that matches your idea. These little decorative hats can easily be attached to the surfaces of boxes in various ways. You can do it by gluing them with an adhesive of your choice or with hot silicone.


Creating Festive Decorations

With these decorative mini hats made of textile, styrofoam, or knit, you can create unique decorations!

They are suitable for decorating holidays such as Christmas, Easter, St. George’s Day, birthdays, weddings, and christenings. For a christening, for example, you can use mini hats in different colors, according to the baby’s gender. This decoration would be exceptionally original and impressive.

If you want to make a captivating wedding decoration, you can rely on the styrofoam hats.

They are light and very convenient for attaching to various surfaces. Choose small hats in an appropriate color and make decorative items of your choice. Additionally, you can use – netting, colored paper, glitters, beads, plastic decorative items, glass objects, etc.


Decorating Cards

With these colorful and fun little hats, you can create the most adorable cards that are sure to bring joy and smiles to their recipients. Utilize the hats as decorations when crafting your cards.

The small styrofoam hats are suitable for this purpose.

Use hats in colors and sizes that are suitable for your card. Choose cardstocks in a design of your choice and think about how exactly you want your card to look. To attach the tiny hats to the paper surface you can use various adhesives.


Stage Decor Featuring Little Hats

The theatrical art is vast and exceptionally colorful. Depending on the theme of the play, special stage decor is made to recreate a certain scene.

To make this decor, various items are used.

From hangers, kitchen utensils, furniture, TVs, and radios, to the smallest details that complement every idea that needs to be conveyed to the audience. Often in theatrical productions, hats as a background picture are present.

For this purpose, different types of hats are used depending on the theme – large, small, knitted, straw, caps, berets, etc.

The advantage of these decorative items is that they are extremely light and convenient for transportation. This is important as most plays are performed on more than one stage in different cities.

The abundance of hat styles is so great that there’s no way not to find the hat that perfectly fits the theme of every theatrical production.


Home Decor Embellished with Tiny Hats

The range of colors in these small decorative hats infuses them with positive energy. They serve as a perfect way to enhance the stylish home decor, adding coziness and charm to the space!

Thanks to the different types of mini hats for crafts, you can make decor with different characters – more fun or more stylish. You can use different hats – styrofoam, knitted, textile.

Choose the style and color of the little hat you think will match your interior and use it.

With a mini hat, you can make lampshades for night lamps, interesting hooks, clocks, etc. The decorative hats can be used to stick on walls, cabinets, wardrobes or other furniture in your home.

Every hobbyist can use various methods and techniques for making decorations and ornaments with them, as well as many original ideas.

Decorative tiny hats are easy to work with, and with them, you can make all kinds of charming ornaments for various occasions. Their presence creates coziness, and additionally, it adds style and elegance to the home interior.

You can choose from a huge variety of styles, colors, and shapes and make the most original decoration!


Mini Hats for Decoration at Affordable Prices

At EM ART online store, we strive to maintain low and affordable prices for our clients. We often make discounts on the regular prices of the items.

The value of each product depends on the type and sizes in which it is offered.

We frequently make discounts on various items, which any of our clients can benefit from.

You can shop wholesale and retail with us. For wholesale traders, we have preferential prices.


Why Choose EM ART?

EM ART is the most abundantly stocked online store for hobby and craft supplies!

With us, you will find everything necessary for your creativity – all kinds of tools for crafting, a huge variety of beads and natural stones.

Glitters, ribbons, various types of paper, cardboard, jewelry accessories, materials for decoration and gift packaging, at affordable prices.

All items are made from high-quality and safe-to-work materials.


Orders and Delivery

After selecting the necessary hobby supplies, kindly provide your personal name, contact phone number, and delivery address for your parcel.

Upon order confirmation, your items will be delivered to the address you specify.

We follow the standard delivery rates of courier services, with free delivery for purchases exceeding 200 EURO.

Charge your creative entourage from us and create your most unique creative projects!