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Occasions and Holidays

Festivals and traditions are wonderful. Em Art wants to be with you every single holiday and that’s why we offer you a huge variety of gifts and materials at low prices for making a personal gift for your loved ones and friends, made personally by you for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with a handmade gift by putting your imagination and creativity.

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Unique gift ideas come from the heart!


We all want to give something special, something unique, that the recipient can really enjoy.


Well, we at EM ART will be happy to be a part of every holiday you have! Of course, we can all say that sometimes we have difficulties of choosing a gift.


For each person on your list, there are things you can buy.


Sometimes, however, when you think of this special one, you begin to wonder what you might give him that might be of great importance to him.


Occasions for gift giving can be:

  • Expression of coronation recognition for a national event.
  • Expression of love or friendship.
  • Expression of gratitude for a received gift.
  • Expression of piety, in the form of charity.
  • Expression of solidarity in the form of mutual assistance.
  • Share wealth.
  • To compensate for adversity.
  • Travel souvenirs.
  • On occasions such as Birthday, Christmas, St. Nicholas, Christening ceremony.
  • Wedding.
  • Wedding anniversary.
  • Birth (the baby receives gifts, or the mother receives a gift from the father known as a gift).
  • Graduation party.
  • Father’s Day.
  • Mother’s Day.
  • Exchange of gifts between guest and host, often traditional practice.
  • Retirement gifts.
  • Congratulations Gifts.
  • Engagement gifts.
  • Gifts for household.
  • Gifts for new home.


You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy gifts and it is quite close.


While some of us are so perfect at choosing gifts for any occasion, others are not. If you are one of those people who would spend hours looking for gifts for all occasions, then this is the store designed for you.

In EM ART stores, we will offer you many gift ideas that are fully flexible to be suitable for each category of occasions.


Brilliant gift ideas for any occasion


For centuries, flowers have been considered an eternal, classic gift element. Since there are flowers for each occasion it makes them an excellent gift, leaving a very powerful memory for your loved ones.

In in nowadays everyone can easily order online and get great types of artificial flowers. 


Spectacular handmade gifts


This series of ideas is one of our favorites for several reasons. The first reason is that people have always loved to give and receive homemade gifts, and the second is that we will really enjoy the process.


  • At this stage, we are sure that you have seen those gorgeous elegant knitted blankets that have taken over all social networks. Make someone very happy by giving him this blanket that you made by yourself.
  • Soaps or candles with decoupage? You’ve never heard of such a thing! But these soaps turn out to be so sweet and are made only for minutes.
  • Message boards have been a big trend for home decoration over the past few years and they are easy to make! You can make your own using an old photo frame, a little twine and some sweet gift labels.
  • We never seem to have enough fridge magnets for all the things we want to put on the fridge, so each of us would love to get a few of these handmade magnets! You can make many of them in a short period of time, so they will be a great choice if you have a long list of gifts this year.
  • Each coffee table needs several cup pads and everyone has a coffee table! These cup pads are super easy to make by yourselves and you can customize them to suit by your own preferences.
  • In the opinion of many people, we can never have enough cups. Some hand-painted cups will be a great gift for coffee lovers and hot chocolate in your life!
  • Painted bottles are a unique idea and the recipient of your gift can use them in so many different ways! They could use them as a vase for fresh or dry flowers, either as a pencil cup or simply as a sweet decor.
  • The flip calendar will be a great gift for the home office! Get pictures of the recipient’s best moments to personalize this special gift.
  • Macrame is just one of several trends from the 1970s that have made a big comeback in the last few years! For example macrame wall curtains add character and texture to any space and they are a great gift.
  • The cardboard is an extremely universal craft material! Why don’t you turn it into personalized bookmarks for book lovers in your life? Or self-made greeting cards or boxes.
  • You have a friend who likes tassels? Some flower pads with tassels for sure will impress him.
  • Some leather bracelets are a great fashion accessories. The process of making them is actually quite easy!


Why choose EM ART?


Here you will find plenty of materials for your needs to create without borders. Select your products easily through a filter search engine, easily browse new products, top products and those you buy with a discount. You get competent information on items availability and everything you are interested in your purchase.

If you are looking for inspiration for your projects, visit Em Art’s blog. We will help you turn your personal and family holidays into unforgettable moments.


Why trust us? What do we offer?


Variety of products

In our stores you can find the full range of products for your hobby projects, and we will be happy to help you choose the best solution for you and your work.



In Em Art you will find only original products of guaranteed origin. We are professionals and we want to provide you with a variety of products to realize your high-quality ideas that guarantee your security and protect your investment.


Experience and competence

For more than years we have been working with individual, small, medium and large customers. No matter what we do, always approach personal. We are proud of your team of young but experienced professionals who know the conditions of work in our field, so they can offer you the most suitable products offered by us.



Buying your materials from us, you trust a reliable partner where you can also rely on the sale. We will answer all your questions and provide professional care for your needs for creativity materials.


Always available

Here we are available online 7 days a week and we are always on a line, ready to answer the questions of our customers.


Order and delivery

You make your order in unlimited time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your shipment will be with you within 4 working days. You indicate an address convenient for you, whether it’s home or office of a courier company.


 Advantages of online shopping

  • Comfort and tranquility - nothing can replace the coziness of your own home in front of the boss in the shops. A peaceful comparison of goods and services, analyzing and evaluating products is actions that are much easier than the computer at home or is the office than in busy and crowded stores. This plus of online shopping is of utmost importance during cold winter days or cravings around the various holidays.
  • Saving time - the fact is that for more employed people, a particularly important privilege. So, if you do not have time for endless walks in choosing clothes, gifts and goods of any type - you can safely combine with morning coffee in the office or dinner at home.
  • Saving money - one of the biggest pros the shopping is the low overestimate of goods and services. So, if the product price is one in a site, it will be quite different and overwhelmed. In addition to the low prices, the ways of pay - in cash on receipt, on an account through a card, by postal entry.