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Natural Gemstone Chip Beads Small Sizes

Here you will find all kinds of semi-precious stones, including mother-of-pearl and they are all in chips shape. It emphasizes the natural aesthetics in which each form is unique. Small pebbles are a preferred material for jewelry making, accessories and decorations not only because of the aesthetic qualities but also because of the energy properties of the various minerals.

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Gemstone Chip Beads Strand, 5-7mm, ~90cm
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Strand of unshaped Tourmalinated Quartz pieces. The black-and-white color scheme allows for combinations with other colors. Combine interesting shapes for a casually elegant necklace or bracelet.
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Chips - bizarre shapes and their application

Lovers of jewelry and accessories made of precious and semi-precious natural stones are aware that this form of crystal processing is suitable for a variety of creative projects. From jewelry, through talismans to home souvenirs, small stones with irregular shapes attract the attention of artists with their charming asymmetry.

Apart from their aesthetic advantages, the stones in the form of chips have another important quality - they can be combined with a wide range of different types to combine several areas of healing properties in one.


Captivating and healing combinations

The variety of colors of tourmaline chips makes it suitable for different variations in the creation of designer jewelry. Due to its similar energy to the sun stone, a bracelet made with a combination of both types is not only beautiful, but also very useful for people who need a dose of crystalline antidepressant.

The beautiful pale green prenite chips, turned into jewelry, would combine perfectly with onyx and tourmaline. The combination of the energy of the three types will charge you with peace of mind.

Agate chips are in perfect sync with onyx and amber. The combination fills its owner with health and promotes longevity.

Here at Em Art you will also find the unique semi-precious stone serpentine, which is not only captivatingly beautiful but also useful against insect bites.

We have also prepared a series of assortments in which we have woven bizarre combinations of colors, shapes and energies.

We know that mother of pearl is one of the favorite stones of many artists, so we made sure to find strings of chips of different sizes.



This form of processing of semi-precious stones is most susceptible to the production of various types of works of art. They are most often used for bracelets, earrings or chains, which in combination with metal elements create truly unique collections to be the author of.

Except for jewelry and amulets, the chips are suitable for making souvenirs such as Money Tree, panels, making figurines and whatever else you can think of.

Extremely attractive are the panels that are made with these little jewels of nature. Thanks to the rich palette of various colors, they can be transformed into different paintings. They are resistant to heat bonding, so the silicone gun is your first aid in these projects. If you prefer cold gluing, you should consider the possibility of getting unwanted glare on the stones, which will form when the glue dries.

Chips can be treated with various finishing varnishes, acrylic and acrylic paints or woven into clay projects.


Why trust EM ART?

As our clients are our inspiration to work, we have selected for them a wide selection of strings of different sizes, colors and shapes. The prices are in line with the desire to provide you with an affordable opportunity for creativity. Depending on the size, number and color, the strings vary from 3 to 10 levs. In addition, with us you will find all the other accessories you will need during the creative project in one place.



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