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Lasurit Lapis Gemstone Beads, Jewellery Making, DIY Necklaces, Bracelets

Lazurite Lapis, this poetic gemstone that initiated epithets such as "azure sky" or "royal blue", is now accessible to you thanks to our continued efforts to provide you with the widest range of beads at the best price.

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Lapis Lapis - the stone of truth


The sound crystal has a history of over 6,000 thousand years. Its name comes from the Latin word for stone - ’lapis’ and the Arabic word for blue ’aula’.

Although in many cultures it bore different names, almost everywhere it was highly valued and used to adorn statues of ancient deities. According to artifacts, the sacred stone was especially revered in ancient Egypt.


Did you know that?


In 19- Century, artists have painted the infinity of the sea and the sky with the blue pigment extracted from the stone. You must have heard of Van Gogh’s ’Starry Night’, which was painted with dye derived from Lazurite .

On it, the fabulous blue is also sealed in Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring.

In addition to the saturated pigment, the powdered Lazurite Lapis It is also used in cosmetics, both by ancient peoples and in modern industry.

In biblical times, the word ’sapphire’ was often used as a name for blue rock. Because of this, many scholars believe that the use of the word sapphire in the Bible is a reference to Lapis Lapis. The most popular are the deep blue shades of Lapis. / strong>, but its purple varieties are also common.


Application in everyday and non-traditional medicine



In jewelry

Lapis Lapis is widely used in making earrings, hair ornaments, brooches or pendants. The reason is that these places of use are not exposed to constant friction, which can lead to abrasion of the stone. It is not very durable, so it is best to store these jewelry in separate boxes so that they are not rubbed and damaged by other stones or objects.


Healing properties < / h3>

The blue stone is said to have the ability to cure throat, diseases of the vocal cords, larynx and thyroid gland . Relieves insomnia and lowers blood pressure.

If you have a bruise and want it to go away faster, heat a piece of stone in sunlight and apply it to the affected area. The same goes for a skin problem or insect bite.

Lapis lapis lazuli relieves spasms caused by menstrual pain.

The blue crystal is said to symbolize truth in all its aspects and promote it. Helps to unlock old emotional wounds that you have acquired over time, helping them to be healed and accepted. It promotes dignity and justice, giving motivation and faith for a clearer perspective.

The dark blue shades of Lazurite are used to increase respect and compassion for us < Themselves and teach us humanity and honor. They point us to charity and caring for others.


In meditation

Under no circumstances should we underestimate its power in meditation. It is a stone that promotes the visualization and energy of the images. This property can help us return to the image of past lives and ancient civilizations through meditation. It provides an opportunity to restore memories of rebirths, which will serve as a guiding light.


Zodiac signs and Lazurite Lapis


As a symbol of truth, he patronizes the so-called Third Eye , which is responsible for seeing and realizing the world. With its ability to balance between the important and the unimportant around us, Lazurite commands the energy flow in the body . Its blue crystal energy will balance your throat chakra.

Although not a traditional birthstone of a particular zodiac sign, Lazurite is considered the spiritual mentor of those born between February 19 and March 19.

Some associate it with the planets Neptune and Venus. It acts magnetically on the Sagittarius zodiac sign.


At what price can we find the royal blue stone?

Or lighter shades, we offer you affordable prices from t 6 to 30 levs per string .

The price depends on the number and size of the beads >, but is always accompanied by the professional service you will receive, whether you shop in one of our stores or place your order online. Make your jewelry, accessories or talismans unforgettable. And do not guarantee effective treatment if required by a person skilled in the art. The methods are used as an aid in alleviating the listed diseases. M Art is not responsible for the effectiveness of alternative treatments.