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Rhinestone Chains are also an attractive decoration for clothing and accessories. Some of them are metal ribbons with crystal beads that create a very gentle effect. The other part is a type of metal sleeve that you can use in a variety of artistic ways, especially when making custom jewelry. Of course you could incorporate metal strips into your scrapbooking and mix projects where there is no limit to the material and how it is used.

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Product Features

Metal braids for decoration are metal strips of baskets with crystals, which can create a very gentle, beautiful and elegant effect. The other type is in the form of a metal mesh sleeve.


Application and purpose

Metal braids for decoration, you can use For many and various projects such as:

  • Making interesting and original jewelry with which to make an original and truly memorable gift to your mother, friend, acquaintance, colleague, etc .; / li>
  • You can insert several strips in scrapbook or mix media projects to add more textures, colors and effects;
  • To decorate various decorative jars and bottles for storage or addition to the interior at At home, at work or wherever you want, and even those that you will use in your daily life such as: the jar in which you store various kitchen utensils, food, spices or one in which your combs, jewelry, etc .; / li>
  • For decorating candles or candlesticks, if you want to be with a certain theme or just have more style, and also invitations, p Health cards or letters;
  • When wrapping gifts instead of a ribbon or for the packaging itself;
  • When decorating the home to diversify and refresh the interior with something more interesting and modern;
  • To decorate the organizer, notebook, notebooks or photo album;
  • To decorate bouquets of flowers or even home pots;
  • As an additional decoration, for To breathe new life into old clothes or accessories such as belts, bags, purses, etc .;



Part of our Products

Here on our website, as well as in all our physical stores, you will find a wide variety of metal braids for decoration.

Here are some of them:


  • Metal strip basket color gold with crystal glass SS8, transparent, first quality, 2.55mm, 1m;
  • Metal strip basket with crystal glass, SS18 , transparent, first quality, 4mm, 1m;
  • Metal strip basket with crystal glass, SS16, transparent, first Quality, 3.6mm, 1m;
  • Metal strip basket with crystal glass, SS14, black, first quality, 3.3mm, 1m;
  • Metal strip basket with crystal glass, SS14, red , blue, transparent, green, first quality, 3.3mm, 1m;
  • Metal ribbon basket, gold with crystal glass, SS14, first quality, 3.3mm, 1m;
  • Braided braid , copper wire, 20mm, red, orange, dark purple, gold, green or black;


Price range

All metal braids for decoration, which you will find with us, are of extremely high quality and really low and affordable prices, which range from BGN 4.00. Up to BGN 4.80.



EM ART is a chain from the hobby and craft store Materials. We have as many as 14 sites throughout the country. In the cities: Varna, Sofia, Burgas, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Yambol, Haskovo, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo. In our updated site you will find everything you will need to implement any of your ideas or projects. And in case of any inquiries or questions you will be served and directed by our experienced consultants.

EM ART stores have an impressive variety of metal braids for decoration and everything you will need to realize your ideas. And projects. The quality is high and the prices are low. And all this so that we can satisfy your every desire.

Metal braids for decoration will give a very gentle, sophisticated and sophisticated effect to your projects and ideas.

With us you Expect more products such as ’Plastic braids’ and a wide variety of ribbons, lace, satin, fabric ribbons, materials such as canvas and sackcloth, natural organza or one with aluminum edging, raffia and many self-adhesive tapes to transform any Our idea and project into a real work of art.

And because we at EM ART want to be really useful in the implementation of all your ideas and turn them into unsurpassed masterpieces, we have prepared a wide range of Braids of metal for decoration, and also, as you can see in the category ’Hobby and Kraft’, you will find a real variety of wooden objects, figurines, baskets and panels, assembly figures, as well as those made of MDF, various scrubbing and kraft Materials that you can include in In your projects.

Also in the category ’Accessories for jewelry and stringing’ you will find a wide range of metal accessories for jewelry, cords, elastics and ropes, with which to create spectacular jewelry and finally, but Last but not least, in the category ’Tools and packaging’ we have selected especially for you various tools with which to implement