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Aventurine natural and semi-precious stones

The Aventurine beads we offer have a smooth and slightly transparent surface, dotted with delicate glitter of mica. Do not miss this stone at the chance of winning energy and making the winner.

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Aventurine - mystical and healing properties, history and significance


Known as one of the luckiest stones , Aventurine has been known to mankind since the 18th century. The name of the glittering crystal comes from the Italian ventura or per avventura , which means coincidence , but this is not a coincidence. According to legend, in 1700, Italian glassmakers inadvertently dropped copper shavings into a glass melting pot .

Once the hot mixture had cooled, the glittering sparks of the resulting semi-precious Stone captivate with its attractive magnetism. According to other sources, natural aventurine dates back more than 4,000 years in ancient China, where it is also called the ’Imperial Stone’. The origin of the aventurine stone is also associated with India, Brazil, Africa, Austria and Chile .

Today, aventurine is considered one of the most powerful stones that attract prosperity and luck. Also called the ’adventurer’s stone’, it is a mascot for sailors, travelers, bankers and gamblers.

Not to be underestimated is its extraordinary power to attract gamblers. Love, because aventurine is believed to charge with courage, positivism and confidence, and also absorbs electromagnetic pollution, which hinders us in the implementation of important endeavors.

The stone aventurine also has healing properties . Its strong energy improves emotional balance by reducing stress and tension, while stimulating metabolism. Green aventurine is believed to:

  • stimulate the growth of premature babies

  • increases overall vitality

  • enhances the intellectual development of children who struggle with hyperactive behavior

It is extremely useful for people suffering from eczema, rosacea, adolescent acne and Other skin problems. The broad spectrum of green aventurine also has a beneficial effect on heart problems, circulatory disorders , stimulating life-giving energy and promoting physical regeneration. This could give additional impetus to fighting high cholesterol and blood pressure.


Types of aventurine and their importance < / h2>


The aventurine stone is found in different colors - from cream, through pink, reddish, brown or yellow-brown, blue, to the most popular and favorite - green.

Its translucent structure and glassy luster refract the palettes into a game of lovely colors that would be hard to fit into a single-color specification.

Each of the listed colors has its own symbolism and purpose:

  • Green Aventurine

    The most popular of all varieties, it is associated with the heart chakra , so it is said to be able to heal old emotional wounds.


  • Blue Aventurine


    This lovely crystal is known for its ability to encourages creativity in man . Increases patience and suppresses hot flashes.


  • Red or pink aventurine


    A bearer of prosperity, the aventurine with this color strengthens the intuition to rediscover the possibilities around us.

  • Brown Aventurine


    The curious thing about this nuance is that it is used to predict the future , as the brown aventurine helps to discover various alternatives and potential in all situations, giving a positive perspective for future events.


  • Yellow Aventurine


    It is miraculous in balancing male and female energies.

The Aventurine and the Zodiac


It is believed that the lucky stone is the patron saint of the Cancer zodiac , because His main life goals are to have stable and balanced Family life in harmony , but its positive influence is also associated with the zodiac signs Aries and Libra. Whether the representatives of the zodiac signs will have aventurine in the form of jewelry or will charge energy with Him , the stone will bring prosperity to its owner.

The semi-precious stone is associated with the heart chakra and its favorable